POPYC Garden 2013

An inaugural post for the 2013 POPYC garden.

What Came Back

As always, it was interesting to see what plants from last year returned. And it was fairly predictable: In the vegetable bed–nothing. In the planters, the hostas I planted last year. (The hostas I transplanted last year to either side of the front gate also came back.). In the herb beds, chives, oregano, sage (in a big way), and parsley. The chives and sage are both in full flower this weekend. Both need cutting back to make room for other things. The parsley looks like it’s on steroids and is going to seed (as second year parsley usually does). I’ll replace it with new plants in a few weeks.

This Weekend’s Plantings

Visited Salt Marsh Nursery this today and picked up a few things for the planters and herb garden. For the planters, I’ve decided to go with what worked well last year: for the set near the doors, hostas and impatiens. For the set near the walkway entrance, black-eyed susan (from my garden) and marigolds. I also put in some red snapdragons.

I also did a bit of planting in the herb garden: on the left side I added ornamental grass dug up from my own yard. It should look great once it catches on. I also added small thyme and rosemary plants, plus a few marigolds (Charlie said he’d like to see a little color in the front beds this year).

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